Medical Grade PVC

Semifinished medical products for medical-hospital use

hospital tubing products
  • Phthalates-Free plasticised PVC Compounds for extrusion and moulding
  • PVC, PUR, TPE, LDPE, EVA, PP tubes diameters from 1.5 to 28 mm in coils or precut forms
  • Special PVC tubes for use under peristaltic pump
  • EVA tubing for bags for enteral and parenteral nutrition ( TPN )
  • PVC lay flats for bags for infusion solutions, dialysis, drainage
  • Perforated tubes for post-operative drainage ( Redon ) with RX-opaque coextruded line
  • Tubes for enteral catheters with RX-opaque coextruded line
  • Multilumen tubes
  • Spiral extensions in LDPE and PVC with Luer connectors
  • Tubes for aerosol therapy or oxygen therapy
  • Laboratory tubes
  • Bubble tubing for suction on the operating field, or administration of oxygen
  • LDPE lay flats for packaging synthetic monofilaments from 25 to 90 mm
  • Moulded PVC tubes for nutritional use
  • Reinforced PVC tubes



We also provide EVA UVP lay flats and decontaminating and antibacterial mats for clean rooms.

Bubble Tubing

Bubble tubing

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