Production tubes

Cut to size or in coils and printed

Pvc tubes

Medical Grade plasticised PVC tubes, Polyurethane, TPE, EVA, LDPE and PP for: infusion, blood, hemodialysis, extracorporeal blood circulation, oxygen therapy, aerosol therapy, catheters, peristaltic pump, tube feeding, wound drainage, surgical aspiration, bubble tubing, laboratory tubes, etc. ... manufactured according to customers' requirements.

They can be supplied in coils or cut to size from 10 to 3200 mm. obviously with phthalates-free formulations ( DEHP-free ).

Possibility of personalised printing with Ink-jet technology.

Given the ban on Phthalates have you considered changing to Phthalates-Free or DEHP-Free formulations?

DEHP is an SVHC substance of the REACH regulations

Why wait?

Printed tube Gravity copy



Customisable tubes with inkjet marking.

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